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Ways to Eat Custard Apple
July 30, 2016 4:47 PM

Ways to Eat Custard Apple

The Sugar Apple (Anon) is only able to be consumed whenever ripe, that’s when it really is gentle enough to open the fruit with only a mild poke of the finger.

• On its own:

Consume Custard apple like a fresh fruit. Separate the fruit in 2 sections. Using a little spoon, consume the scrumptious gentle flesh. There are several smooth seeds; simply spit them out.

• Mashed as well as seeds eliminated for kids

• Smoothies

Eliminate the seeds through the custard apple. Combine together with un-seeded dates. Include a couple of spoons of honey as well as combine again along with low-fat milk. You’ve got a scrumptious healthy smoothie to begin your entire day after having a great run!

• custards and/or deserts

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