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Tips To Stop Over Eating
July 27, 2016 10:51 PM

Tips To Stop Over Eating

Most important fat about healthy life is eating when our body need it.Overeating is seriously destroying the health of many. There are some simple steps that helps you to stop over eating which in return turns your life span and also helps shedding those extra weight.

Avoid eating in hurry

If you are in a hurry stop eating, this will make the food enter your stomach without chewing properly. This will increase the digestive capacity of our stomach and create unnecessary problems and our health will get spoiled in a long run.

Slow down when you eat

Slow down when we eat. It takes around 13 minutes before the food satisfaction signals are forwarded to our brain in a skinny person. But, it can take about 20 minutes if the person is fat. Slowing down the process of eating will make sure that signals have some time to reach the brain.

Depressed, avoid eating

Overeating may help some of us to come out of depression but this comfort may lead us to many discomforts in health.

Use plates of medium size at home

If the plate is large, chances are that you will mound it full with the food and overeat. If you think that you still need some food after finishing, fill up your half plate with some healthy vegetables. Skip the other food that contain too much of calories for you, and eat the veggies to make your hunger satisfied.


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