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Tips2Stayhealthy with snacks
July 28, 2016 12:40 AM

Tips2Stayhealthy with snacks

Snacks eating are not bad for health if you choose a healthy one. Eating every few hours will make you stop overheating. Small amount of snack in every hour will help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Stop eating anything high in refined sugar, fat, sodium or refined flour. Because they are full of empty of calories and lead to fat gain and type 2 diabetes.

Eat unprocessed snacks to fuel your body the entire day, like baked sweet potatoes, plain yoghurt, sliced apples, air-popped popcorn, baby carrots, and other fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Eat snacks that are 100-200 calories each and contain several vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber

Make your snacks out of whole, unprocessed foods likes fruits, vegetables, lean meats (skinless chicken breasts, for example), nuts, beans,eggs, and whole grains.

Snacks rich in protein such as cottage cheese, almonds, and eggs will keep you full longer.

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