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Keep your joints healthy and reduce the risk of ARTHRITIS
Reduce the risk of Arthritis


Arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning joint and the latin word itis meaning inflammation. Arthritis affects joints.The most commonly affected joints are in the hips, hands, knees and spine. There are many kinds of arthritis.

Factors towards arthritis risk:

Previous injury
Routine physical demanding job
Genetic makeup
Obesity that makes extra strain on joints
Autoimmune disease

Keep moving your joints

You must move your joints for making them healthy. Arthritis became a common problem with those who are sitting for long hours reading, working, and watching TV. If your are an IT professional take a break from your desk and move around time to time. Change your sitting position time to time.

Injury can damage the joints

We must wear protective braces or gears like knee and elbow pad while taking part in playing of physical activities.

Lose your weight

Obesity will affect the joints of knee and result in joint pains. Reduce the amount of weight by exercise and reduce the stress and stain of your joints

Do not over exercise

Pain is normal while exercise but if you have pain move than 48 hours then you much have over-stressed your joints. Don’t exercise so hard next time. Working with this pain may lead to damage or injury.

Eat Fish

Omega-3s may help keep joints healthy, as well as reduce inflammation, a cause of joint pain and tenderness in people with RA. Fatty cold water fish like salmon and mackerel are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

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