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Top 4 Ingredients you will need to make your home shine!
Top 4 Ingredients you will need to make your home shine!

White vinegar: This baby is like the holy grail of homemade cleaners. White distilled vinegar is a popular household cleanser, effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity. You can use it as a general purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and even a pet deodorizer. Add a cap full to your carpet washer and it will help remove even the toughest pet odors!
Baking soda: This is the TOP ingredient you should always on hand. You can make it into a paste and use it as a soft abrasive cleaner, or you can use it to sprinkle on your carpet as a great deodorizer!

Lemons (or other citrus fruits): Citrus fruits have an amazing antibacterial property. They are great for cleaning things like your garbage disposal (just cut one up and place it in your disposal and turn it on), or to add the juices to baking soda or vinegar based cleaners to have a fresh lemon scent.

Tea tree oil: This essential oil is another way that you can disinfect your home. It makes a great addition to keep your toilet germ free. Just add a few drops then add baking soda and vinegar. Let it set for 10 minutes, scrub and flush! You can find this little friend at most of your local health food stores. You may also be able to find it at local grocery stores as well.

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