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Breathing exercises that would help you empower your lungs
01NOV2018 11:59AM

Stretching the ribs: Exhale all of the air from the lungs and then slowly breathe in. While doing so, keep your focus on the breath. When your ribs are stretched to maximum capacity, hold the air you inhaled, count till 20 and exhale slowly. Repeat 5 times. Add 3- 5 counts every day.

Abdominal Breathing: Lie down on your back and inhale slowly, through nose. Keep drawing the air till your abdomen rises above your chest. Hold for few seconds and exhale slowly through mouth. Remember that as you exhale, your abdomen should squeeze back, even beyond its original shape.

Breath Count: Take a comfortable posture while keeping your back straight. This exercise involves breathing normally; however, you are required to count every breath that you take. Count “one “ as you inhale, then “ two “as you exhale. Keep counting till you reach the number “eight”. Then repeat counts and cover 4 -5 cycles. You can increase the total number of counts to “ten” then “twelve” and so on, with every session.

Lung capacity also depends on several external factors like smoking and air pollution. It is important that you keep them safe in order be able to have them working for long.

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