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Tips2stayhealthy by preserving a healthy mind
14NOV2018 10:18PM

Preserving a healthy mind


For moral boosting and mental health and to prevent depression get some sun. Sunlight can lift one’s spirit.


Regular exercise can help you cut back those unwanted stress in your life. A chemical named endrophin gets released in the brain that keeps us energetic. So do regular exercise.

Engage your senses:

Make your five senses sight, smell, touch, sound and taste engaged daily by an activity. This will help you to focus on the present and helps you to live in the moment.

Little free time:

Use your little free time for meditation,relaxation exercise or prayers. Make sure you have some time for these activities even at your busy schedule.

Cut Late Night TV:

Watching TV and working on computer late night can cause depressive symptoms. So do cut these late night activities that will wake you up fresh and earlier in the next day.

Eating healthy:

Following a diet plan will give you a sense of self-improvement and boost your sense of accomplishment Give some time for learning healthy eating habits.

Sleep well:

Best way to recharge your body is by getting enough sleep at night. Sleeping helps your boost your mental health and physical fitness. Make sure you have enough time to rest.

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