Ways to naturally get more energy and get rid of your tiredness.                                      16NOV2018 06:45AM
Drink Water

Not drinking enough water reduces your circulation giving your muscles less oxygen making you feel tired so …Make sure you’re drinking at least a liter of water each day and also drink plenty of water while working out to stay energized.

Get More Magnesium

A diet low in Magnesium can also cause you to be tired because Magnesium is needed by your body to break down glucose into energy so to get enough Magnesium in your diet. You can eat more almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, more whole grains and fish to get more energy or you can Take a magnesium supplement.
Eat Some Iron

Iron gives you more energy by carrying more oxygen throughout your body and you can get lots of iron from iron-rich foods like beans & red meats and Women who lose lots of iron during heavy menstruation can avoid getting tired by Supplementing with iron and/or Eating more iron-rich foods.wp-15390185476401656696344.jpg

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