Manicure steps by tips2stayhealthy.

In a very first step, first clean your hands. Wash them properly with soap and start removing nail color from them with the help of nail polish remover. Make sure that you remove the nail polish in a proper way and manner and no nail color is left behind.

In the second step, starts do nail filing! File the tips of your fingers until and unless they give you a smooth and fine look. You can give any shape to your nails. You may have round shaped nails, circular shaped nails or square shaped nails.

In the third step, take a big bowl and pour some warm water into it. You can also mix little bit of soap or shampoo in that warm water. Soak your hands for few minutes and then wash them up. After this, apply lotion on your entire hands.

In the fourth step, as soon as you apply lotion, now it is time to apply nail polish on the nails. Do two time coating. Your hands and nails are now having a perfect look. Do these 4 easy steps on regular basis and keep on having fresh hands and nails all the time.

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