Tips2stayhealthy by fixing damaged hair

Wash your hair twice in a week. Avoid washing your hair on daily basis. If you are going to shampoo your hair one each single day the chemicals in that shampoo will put a drastic effect on your hair.

Apply yogurt on your hair on daily basis in order to avoid damaged hair

You can also make a consultation with some hair expert if home treatments are not producing fruitful results.

Always go for medicated shampoos. They will not make your hair to get damaged.

To make your hair more shiny and well sparkling enough, you can go for such kind of conditioners that consists and contains of proteins and fatty acids in them.

In order to get rid from damaged hair, you should also do oiling of your hair. It has been evident that oiling make the root of your hair stringer and richer.

You can also go for stream treatment at least once in a week to have perfect and healthy hair.

At times, we have seen that most of the girls make delay while getting done with the trimming of your hair. It is recommended to do trimming of your hair on regular basis. This will not make your hair to have split ends and they will also not get damaged.

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