Tips for maintaining healthy ear

Tips for maintaining healthy ear

Most people will end up having some hearing loss as they age. But between environmental factors, lifestyle factors like using mp3 players and going to loud concerts and events, noise-induced trauma is a real threat to ear health. But there are some easy ways to protect your ears from any damage.

1.Watch the volume when using earbuds or headphones: Personal, portable electronics have led to people playing more audio, at louder volumes, for extended periods of time. This is the biggest concern for ear damage.Noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones that block out background noise can also help listeners avoid turning the volume up too high.

2. Be aware of loud environmental noise :  When exposed to particularly loud noises like sirens, it’s a good idea to cover the closest exposed ear, but the temporary exposure probably won’t damage your hearing

3. Don’t put cotton swabs into your ear canals: Ear is self-cleaning and the presence of earwax is actually a good thing. Its the sign of healthy ear. Even though people may think they are cleaning their ears with cotton swabs, they are likely pushing wax further in. What’s more dangerous is the swabs also scrape natural oils out of the ear canal and can scratch it, causing an outer ear infection. For these reasons, you should only use cotton swabs on the outside parts of the ear and never in the ear canal. If you feel like your ears need to be cleaned, your doctor can clean them in a safe way.

4. Check the ingredients in your shampoo: Watch out for shampoo that contains methylparabens as it provide discomfort and encourage  us to scratching.

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