Steps to create the perfect eye makeup.    28NOV2018,12:09AM
Prime your lids with pressed powder. This creates a smooth base for your liner to easily glide over.

Start lining at the inner corner of your eye. Keep the line thin and as close to your lashes as possible. Practice on the back of your hand first to see exactly how much pressure you’ll need to distribute the perfect amount of product.

As you reach your iris, press a little harder on your liner pen or brush to make the line a bit thicker. Continue lining until you reach the end of your eyelid.

Starting where you just left off, angle the “flick” up-and-out towards the tail-end of your eyebrow.

Now, trace over the top of your entire line, from the tip of the “flick” all the way to your inner corner. This will smooth it all into one seamless, up-swept line.

Repeat on the other eye. Once you’re all lined-up, step about two feet back from your mirror to check for symmetry.

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