Tips to look naturally beautiful

Eat more fruits, green and leafy vegetables and dairy products.

Sleeping in the night for 7 to 8 hours can make your skin more beautiful.

Do not disturb any eruptions on your skin such as pimples, acne or spots. This would make things worse and it would also lead to permanent scarring.

Do not wear ill-fitted clothes. Never follow the trends blindly. Opt for dresses that suit your figure and complexion.

Keep your nails polished and trimmed. If you wish to have long nails then try to keep them in good shape.Never chew your nails.

Avoid the habit of taking too many coffees or teas

Remove blackheads with the help of a natural scrub. You can also get it done by a professional.
Avoid rubbing your eyes forcibly.

Keep your eyebrows in shape with the help of tweezers. Take some time to remove all the unwanted facial hairs.

Trim your hair regularly so as to keep it neat and to avoid split ends.

Avoid junk foods. Eat a healthy diet.

Avoid too much of alcohol. It can cause belly fat and puffiness.

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