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Almond and Poppy Seed Paste Pack guarantees for instant glow!
25DEC2018 1:08PM

To prepare this pack you need to soak the poppy seed and almond in water the day before you need to use this pack. One night is enough to soak these poppy seed and almond in water.

Next day grind these poppy seed and almond in mixer grinder .Don’t throw the water used for soaking poppy seed and almond,use that water in grinding.Now the pack will be ready and it will be in paste consistency.

Clean your face with fresh water and wipe off with dry towel.Now apply this pack all over your face and neck.Leave the pack for 30 – 45 minutes. Then wash the pack off. This pack guarantees for instant glow.

Published by Nitin Manohar Shrikhande

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