Mistakes You Are Making In The Shower

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Mistakes You are Making in the Shower
24feb2019 1:04am

Wash your hair without combing it first
Brush your teeth while showering
Shave your legs first
Wash your hair every day
Shower in hot water
Too rough with the towel
Exfoliate every day
Not replacing your washcloths

Foot Care- Go For Walk

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  • Foot Care – Go For A Walk
  • July 28, 2016 12:32 PM

Walking bare foot especially on the bare grass is the best pamper that you can give to your feet. Besides relaxing the feet from its usual stiffness, it is an effective exercise to get rid of the foot pains and blood pressure problems.

High Cholesterol

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How High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us!
22Feb2019 10:19pm

High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us!

A high cholesterol level alerts a person to get cautious about his cholesterol status. When further testing is done, a physician would be able to judge if the patient needs prescription medicines to help lower his cholesterol or if lifestyle modifications would suffice. In addition, the detailed study would help the doctor in identifying the specific group of cholesterol-lowering drugs that would be helpful to the patient.

Simple Exercise To Enhance Your Memory Skills!

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  • Simple Exercise to enhance your memory skills!
  • 16feb2019 10:14pm

Constantly exercising our memory is very important. From now, try to make an attempt to memorise mobile numbers, even if they have been saved on your phone. You may find it difficult initially, but nevertheless, you will be exercising your mind and will help in times of need and urgency. Try this!

Do You Know What’s OSA Means?

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  • Do you know whats OSA means?
  • 16feb2019 10:05pm

OSA stands for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It otherwise known as snoring. Snoring is also the most common symptom of a potentially serious health problem

OSA has been linked to the following:

Acid reflux
Frequent nighttime urination
Memory loss
Heart attack
Consistent lack of sleep