Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein

Protein_ rich_ foods favorite_border Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein 26Feb2019 06:12pm Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein If Your Hair is Falling Out, If You Feel Weak, If You Crave Sweets, If Your Brain Feels Foggy,  If You Get Sick Constantly, That means you are not getting enough protein. Image credit:

Mistakes You Are Making In The Shower

Woman-Showering favorite_border Mistakes You are Making in the Shower 24feb2019 1:04am Wash your hair without combing it first Brush your teeth while showering Shave your legs first Wash your hair every day Shower in hot water Too rough with the towel Exfoliate every day Not replacing your washcloths

Simple Exercise To Enhance Your Memory Skills!

memory favorite_border Simple Exercise to enhance your memory skills! 16feb2019 10:14pm Constantly exercising our memory is very important. From now, try to make an attempt to memorise mobile numbers, even if they have been saved on your phone. You may find it difficult initially, but nevertheless, you will be exercising your mind and will helpContinue reading “Simple Exercise To Enhance Your Memory Skills!”

Do You Know What’s OSA Means?

snoring 1 favorite_border Do you know whats OSA means? 16feb2019 10:05pm OSA stands for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It otherwise known as snoring. Snoring is also the most common symptom of a potentially serious health problem OSA has been linked to the following: Acid reflux Frequent nighttime urination Memory loss Stroke Depression Diabetes Heart attack ConsistentContinue reading “Do You Know What’s OSA Means?”