High Cholesterol

1500+ Health Tips favorite_border How High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us! 22Feb2019 10:19pm High Cholesterol Level Alerts Us! A high cholesterol level alerts a person to get cautious about his cholesterol status. When further testing is done, a physician would be able to judge if the patient needs prescription medicines to help lower his cholesterol orContinue reading “High Cholesterol”


OBSERVATIONS. favorite_border To improve Your Memory Increase Observation Power 17NOV2018 07:15PM Give yourself some simple observation tasks every day. If you are in party, try to observe the dresses worn by five people. While you are driving, when you halt at the traffic light you can try to observe the vehicles around you.Note the kindContinue reading “OMKCOM HEALTH SERVICES,, IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY..”


DIABETES. favorite_border Signs and symptoms of diabetes 08NOV2018 10:34PM Signs and symptoms of diabetes Individuals can experience different signs and symptoms of diabetes, and sometimes there may be no signs. Some of the signs commonly experienced include: Frequent urination Excessive thirst Increased hunger Weight loss Tiredness Lack of interest and concentration A tingling sensation orContinue reading “OMK HEALTH TIPS.”